Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Tonight's to do list:

1. Photograph knitted gifts to blog about after they are gifted
2. Finish wrapping gifts
3. Prep veggies for tomorrow
4. Sort gifts into bags for distribution tomorrow
5. Go to Spiderknit's for Christmas Eve drinks and nibbles

If I get time I'll also update Ravelry and knit some more on my pinwheel blanket which is not far from completion now! My house is a mess so I should probably do some cleaning too but we'll see how far down the list I get before I give up and go to number 5.

I should also start putting my clothes back in the wardrobe now the shelf that collapsed is repaired (long story made short, the shelf that my clothes hang under fell down on Monday so my clothes are piled up on the floor). That can wait until the weekend if I don't get time.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby stuff

So I finally got around to photographing the nursery walls that hubby and his dad did while I was away. They did a great job I think.

It's very bright but in a good way I think.

I have also finished my little nieces cardigan that I knit for her. Unfortunately having looked after her on Saturday night I can say that it's going to be too small not long after she gets it. So... plan B is Im going to make the largest size and put the first one into the "I know so many people who are pregnant Im sure one of them will have a girl" basket.

Im going to weave the ends in tonight at knitting (unless I cant be bothered then I'll knit instead).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Playing Catch up

I figured since I have a day without too much housework I'd catch up on the projects I've been working on. I have written a list of birthdays between now and New Years that I will need to make things for as well as Christmas. Now to see if I make the deadlines :)

Im knitting the Waterfall Scarf with 1 skein of ribbon yarn (sorry I lost the ball band) that I picked up in Yarns on Collie. It was the last ball they had so it was marked down (gotta love a bargain) and it's in my Aunts colours so it's for her birthday at the end of the month. Im on target for that one, it's nearly 3/4 done!

It's a lot more burnt orange than this but no matter what I do with the colours in the picture I cant get it right.

I've also started a scarf for my friend who's birthday is at the beginning of December. This one is going to take a little longer but now I have my Knit Picks Interchangables (dont you love Tapestry Craft's sales!) I can take it on the bus/train with me so that adds to the knitting time. I feel funny about knitting on straights on public transport. I always feel like Im getting in someones way even if Im not. Im using the Twisted Pride from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that I ordered when I had to get another skein for my vest. I love the way this yarn is knitting up, I was a little worried when I balled it up from the skein because it looked a little like a fairy had thrown up. I've based the scarf off of the Dulce pattern which is a herringbone stitch with a garter stitch boarder to stabilise the edges.

The 3rd thing on my needles at the moment is a Pinwheel baby blanket which Im just doing when I need a change or Im between projects. It was my travel project until the needles arrived and I could work on the scarf. Im onto the second ball and I think it's going to need at least 2 more. Im using machine washable 8ply from the Wangaratta Woolen Mills. I have about 3 skeins of it and it matches the Colour 4 Me yarn I have in my stash so Im going to say that's what it is. The skeins had been tangled and were a little difficult to ball up but that's why it's so cheap to buy.

On the non knitting front I have 2 cross stitches on the go. 1 for my Mum for Christmas and the other secret one that I started a while ago which I'll tell you about once it's finished, framed and gifted. It's a big one so it will be a while.

Normally I also make a few tree decorations but I think they will get put to the "in between other projects" spot this year. I finally finished the last of last year's bells last week.

I've also finished about 90% of the Christmas gift tags I was making, they are all put together but some still need glitter. I'll write the name of the person on them in glitter also once Im up to the wrapping up stage.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Its been a while

I have been busy so there hasn't been much time for blogging. I have been knitting, just not the projects I should/want to have been working on. I have made 3 (nearly 4) pair of fingerless and stubby fingered gloves for a friends work mates who have been freezing with the gas restrictions. They paid for them and the money went to charity so the karma is there at least. As a result of being a good citizen I failed at the Ravelympics because I only got about half (ok just under) of the back of Sienna done. See:

I did find some nice buttons for it though which has motivated me to start working on it again. My Solo is still where it was last time I showed you and will be until I finish Sienna because I will get more use out of that over the coming months I think.

Ive made a cute little cotton hat for a friends little girl who lives in Singapore (hence the cotton) because she tells me the only one she has is the one I made her when she was born and its now too small. I figured doing a 2x2 rib would let it fit her cute little head a little longer and I'll make her a nice warm one for her birthday and when she treks back to Perth in winter. (Yes Perth winter can get cold in the evenings and especially if your from Singapore)

On the non knitting side of things Ive been card making. I think I have enough cards for most of the upcoming birthdays and fathers days but have to make a couple of boy ones. The girl ones are just so much easier to make.

I started my Christmas tags, from the stuff I bought last year in the sales. They have some glitter glue on them now which makes them a little less plain and a little more christmasy.

I covered some little note books (they are about half A5 size) which I think are very cute. And yes one of the cards is made with the same paper as the brown one - on purpose.

And... I have started queuing a bunch of baby stuff over on Ravelry since, well, Im going to be having one I want it dressed in nice hand made stuff when ever I can.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playing catch up

No photos today, hopefully I can put some up tonight or tomorrow.

Ive been busy knitting gloves from the Alpaca that was sent to me. Ive made 2 pair of black ones and am about 2/3 through the first glove of the next pair which are beige. They are so much easier to knit at night. I still have one more pair to make after these ones then Ive done the ones I committed to making.

All other projects are now on hold while I attempt to knit my Sienna Cardigan before the Olympics closing ceremony ends. Yes for those who know about it Im participating in the 2008 Ravelympics for Team Oz! I knit a whole ball on Saturday over at Spider_Knit's place. We both had other commitments on Friday so had a breakfast knit in at her place on Saturday to watch the replay.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They did WHAT!!!!!

My hubby got home from work today to discover we had been broken into. Thankfully it doesn't look like anything sentimental or non-replaceable has been taken.... but

The bastards touched my knitting!!!! They went through my knitting bag and in the process pulled out my dpn's from the glove Im working on. AND I discovered my vest thrown across the craft room and Im not allowed to touch it to see what damage has been done, it's still attached to the ball.

*rant incoming*

I can get over them tossing everything in my bedroom - it's expected when your broken into - not nice, but expected. I can even get over the fact that they have left a trail of glass around the house (making it easier to see where they went), but I can not forgive touching my craft stuff that I've spent so many hours on. It's just rude!

*end of rant*

Monday, July 7, 2008

Love & Hate

I feel very spoilt, even though I dont get to keep this... the ANZ knitting group in Victoria received 300 (yes 300) balls of alpaca which was donated for them to knit up into items for the annual winter appeal fund raiser. Last year we raised $15,000.00 so this year we are obviously aiming higher. Im getting 12 of those lovely balls of alpaca to knit up into mittens or hats or what ever takes my fancy and to send back. I have 4 balls each of black, brown and beige coming my way.

Have I told you how much I loved knitting with alpaca yet? No? Well I do, it feels soft and warm and fluffy.

Oh and I hate working in the city on school holidays, I went out to get some lunch and feel like Ive run the gauntlet on Gladiators.

This week is going to be particularly slack work wise too, not that I dont have a lot of work on... Im flat out. Tomorrow Im volunteering at the Anglicare WA annual knit in come join us if you have time.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gifted Finished Objects

I really will get this up to date one day (probably not this week though). I've finished and gifted 2 projects this week. One I know has been received and is being loved by my mate J who now has warm hands, the other was received with a confused but happy look.

I made a pair of Dashing for my friend who lives in cold wintry Melbourne, he tells me he loves them, my hubby is modeling them here for us, you cant really see all the detail in them because they are so black.

I am really seriously considering making a pair for myself but dont think I have enough of the alpaca left over so will make a pair of Fetching instead but make them a little longer.

The other project were these anklets for my SIL who, when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday replied anklet socks. I thought, excellent I can knit her a pair from my stash, she loves pink and I have some cotton/wool blend sock yarn in my stash. My Grandma was there when the SIL opened them and was so proud of me (she hasnt seen the first pair of socks I made yet which while nice are a little big for me). She's a knitter and attempted to teach me knitting when I was a kid.

Again, I love this pattern so much Im actually going to make myself a pair out of the other ball of sock yarn (since I anticipated making socks I bought 2 balls and these only take 1 with left overs for the size 7's for my SIL).

What am I doing at the moment??? I have a couple of things on the go. My vest is still where it was last time I told you about it. Im embroidering some slipper type shoes for a friend for a costume, they need to be done by Friday and Im about half way through.

Im also making a random basket weave type scarf from 3 colours. I picked up 4 balls of Cleckheaton Country 8ply at Spotlight Cannington last Monday. In the store they looked like 2 different shades of the same toning in green, a mossy green which I really liked. When I got them home, out of the fluro lighting I discovered that one of the colours was a lovely mossy green and the other was more of a blue/mint green. So now I had 2 balls of each colour which didnt go together. I rummaged through the stash and came up with 2 balls of a burgundy which actually works with the other 2 colours.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


You too? I had all last week off work and became a hermit over the weekend too. Im much better now thanks.

I have been knitting and am nearly at the cast off point of the first in a pair of Dashing which are turning out very nicely in the 100% alpaca. I was very seriously considering keeping them for myself and then reminded myself that I had another hank.... I could make some (to fit me) from that after J's are done and his hands are nice and warm.

On my vest *sigh* lets not talk too long on this because I got very cross on Sunday when I realised that either Blue Moon Fibre Arts were waaaaaaaaaaaaay off on the yardage on the skein's (very doubtful because I wouldnt be the first person to notice this). Or the pattern's estimates on the required yarn was wrong... like lots wrong. I was still a good 3 inches from casting off the back and I had about 11m left on the first skein.

By my calculations, at 350m per skein at 2 skeins I should have about 700m. The pattern calls for 590m for the size I was knitting. Sure I had added just under an inch on the lenght of the vest but that shouldnt have used up all that much yarn when I should have some extra to play with?!?! So I spoke with Spider_Knit, who, enabled me... (which is only fair since I told her that buying discontinued Rowan for her wish list really isnt stash enhancement or falling off the yarn wagon when you have a project for it)... Im ordering another skein. And since Im ordering another skein, I ripped it back to the arm shaping and added another couple of inches so it can be exactly the lenght I want it.

My hubby though this was a good idea because he really likes the yarn and found a few other things that would be good for me to have when I was browsing their website. I am going to order some yarn for some gift knitting and whats more he cant say anything about it when it arrives because he told me to!!!!!!

I think he might just be finally getting this "being married to a craft addict" thing. That or he decided it was easier than listening to me grumble for another hour (which I did before I spoke to Spider_Knit), either way, I get to buy more yarn!!!!

oh and I saw this today in a medical journal/magazine that I get:

Doctors at a hospital in Melbourne have gone on strike. Hospital officials say they will find out what the doctors' demands are as soon as they can get a pharmacist over there to read the picket signs.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

How was your Saturday?

It's Saturday 14 June, which means it's WWKIP Day (World Wide Knit In Public Day). The one day a year knitters from all around the world gather and shock the muggles (non-knitting folk). I went along to the gathering in Forest Place in Perth. Spider_Knit and I were discussing on the way there how many people we thought would be there and we both agreed probably about a dozen. We arrived at 11am and there was already more than that when we got there. Here are some photo's of the day:

Here's my Solo, I'm 11 of the 14 inches into the back. I'm making it an inch longer owing to the fact that I'm tall and hoping that that will be long enough. Oh and it is actually black, remember this yarn? Well it looks fantastic in the sunlight but it doesn't photograph that well in the sunlight.

and.... I cast on Dashing for my friend, from some alpaca I bought last year. He wants them black and that's what I had so he's very lucky! Oh did I mention I got my hair cut yesterday? I nearly strangled myself when I rolled over in bed with the winter sheet's on (hair stuck to the pillowcase and well you can laugh while you think about the rest, everyone else has) and so I decided it was time for a serious cut!

I have more FO's and bit's to show you but that's enough photo's for one day.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What I've been doing / FO's

I figured that since I took photo's of these I should blog about them.

A month or so ago I made a red velveteen cloak for a costume, the pieces were so wide I couldn't use my sewing table to put them together so while hubby was at work I used the dining table. It worked out really well with black lining and lace trimming. I'll eventually get a photo of me wearing it. The pattern is Simplicity 4947, technically it's the cream one but I didn't put the fur on it, instead brought the lace around the hood. It's really warm and easy to put on and off.

Our desk is finished and all the 2 computers (yep I got a new one finally) are up and running. This is my computer when it arrived...

and our desk when it was finished.

I will be working on another robe/cloak for a friend of mine this weekend. It's going to be in monk brown because he needs a costume for a crazy monk. So that's going to be fun, I think I will be cutting this one out on the floor. The hood needs to be big enough to cover most of his face and the arms not quite so "wizardly" as he termed it. So should be a good weekend of sewing for me.

Ive also been doing some spinning yesterday and today, about 20 min per go or my back gets a little sore. I'm getting better at keeping it consistent but still cant join the pieces of roving very well.

Last but by no means least, baby Alexandra. I told you she was cute!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The blanket is gifted

This is baby Alexandra's blanket, she was born today at 5.22pm weighing 6lbs 10oz and is cute as a button!

I know it's not the best photo of it but it's the only one I have at the moment as we had to leave our camera at the hospital for the mum and dad to use as they werent expecting the baby to come and therfore didnt have everything with them.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Red stays

All the girls last night said that the red looked fantastic. So, no black (unless the red fades and then there will be black) on the gloves!

I finished my gauge swatch for Solo, and Im spot on row and stitch gauge so I cast on.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


So they look really really bright red in this pic, they are only slightly darker IRL but enough that I dont look like a traffic light.

Kinda between these 2 colours. Oh and I know I suck at taking photo's of my own hands, I could have waited for DH to come home but that would have meant telling him exactly what I wanted and him being a fuss with the light and it's just way too much effort.

Altering patterns

So I have finished the Vintage Lace Gloves, they are drying. I dyed them scarlet and am still debating if I dip dye them black from the fingers Im going to get opinions tonight at SNB. The fingers on these were really big. I made some alterations to them and said on Ravelry that I would post them here for anyone who might be interested. For each of the fingers I picked up the same number of stitches or it would have looked weird at the transition point from hand to fingers, from that point however I did my own thing. Kinda.

1st finger:
Knit 5 rounds even
K9, K2tog, K9, K2tog
Knit 5 rounds even
K8, K2tog, K8, K2tog
Knit 10 rounds even
K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog
Knit 1 round
follow pattern from 3rd decrease row

2nd finger:
Knit 10 rounds even
K10, K2tog, K10, K2tog
Knit 5 rounds even
K9, K2tog, K9 K2tog
Knit 14 rounds even
follow pattern from 2nd decrease row

3rd finger:
Knit 6 rounds even
K9, K2tog, K9, K2tog
Knit 5 rounds even
K8, K2tog, K8, K2tog
Knit 10 rounds even
K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog
Knit 1 round
follow pattern from 3rd decrease row

4th finger:
Knit 6 rounds even
K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog
Knit 10 rounds even
follow pattern from 3rd decrease row

follow instructions for decrease down to 20 stitches (rather than 24)
knit 4 rows
follow pattern from 1st decrease row of first finger

Of course you may have shorter or longer fingers than me so you can add or remove rows but I would suggest doing this before the first round of decreases on the fingers and for the thumb between decrease rows. I'll put pictures up soon I promise

On a different project, I have sewn 5.5 of the blanket strips together, should have that done by SNB tonight to show off to the girls. My SIL is due in a few weeks but her doctor has said there is every chance she could have it by the end of this week given the baby's size and hers. I'll put pictures up when it's gifted.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have made a pair of Fetching for my cousin since she is off to New Zealand next weekend I decided she needed some hand knit fingerless gloves. I love how fast they are. I cast the right glove on today while we were out wedding dress shopping. She was in the change room putting beautiful dresses on and I was sitting outside casting on. The lady looked at me at one point (when I was just about to start the cables, so 5 rows in) and asked if I was learning to knit, I looked at her and politely said, no I'm just starting the second cabled glove (and showed her the first that I had cast off in the car on the way there). Apparently she was learning to knit so she assumed I was too, she is learning from her mum. Had my cousin not come out of the changeroom at that exact moment with what we think is THE dress on I would have remembered to ask her along to SNB.

I'm still dyeing the lace gloves, there was too much colour coming out when I was rinsing them so I'm reheating them to hopefully get the colour to stick a bit better. I'll put some photo's of them up when I'm done.

Monday, May 19, 2008

FO's and shoes

No photos yet but I finished the gloves last night at SNB. I also started the gauge swatch for Solo and the colours are going to work really well with the pattern too from the looks of it.

I'll take some pic's tonight before I dye the gloves - no Im not going to wear white lace gloves, red and black ones however are just fine!

I woke up today and really didnt want to get up. I'd slept really well but I just wanted to stay in the warm bed, hubby had a different idea, he turned the light on and pulled the covers off. I know it's a work day but still, that was just plain mean :( So I wore my favorite boots to work to make me feel better. They are brown, go almost to my knees (on anyone else they would reach the knees perfectly) and are stilettos. My only pair of shoes that are stilettos, I cant normally walk in them but these are boots so they hold my ankle and stop me from ending up in hospital.

Hope your day is treating you ok, I want to go back to bed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Socks that rock

So after I got bored of doing house work today I decided I would need to ball up my STR heavyweight in Korppi so I can start swatching my next project. I have half a thumb and some ends to sew in on my vintage lace gloves so they will be done before the end of stitch'n'bitch tonight and I'll need something else to cast on.

(yeah ignore the mess on the floor there, I'm sorting through it all slowly.)

Another big thanks to my hubby for arranging the ball winder and swift for my birthday (as gifts from his mum and my big brother). He didn't just tell them what I wanted and get gift vouchers, nope he ordered them and distributed them before the day!

I did make the rule that I had to finish my gloves and do the sewing up on the blanket Ive made before I could cast something new on... but I'm going to sew up the blanket tomorrow night - I promise! I cant go to SNB and sew up, mostly because I lack the concentration to talk, drink and seam up properly.

but see, it's so pretty how could I not ball it up and take it tonight?!?!?!

So now to hang out some more washing and then to dye some gloves (elbow length ones from my MIL who wore them in the 60's? as a bridesmaid) red and black.

Did I mention I love not working on Mondays?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A night with a Knight

Sir Elton John!!!! His Perth concert was last night, it was a great concert, if you leave out the bit where we got drenched by rain, it was a great concert.

Im compelled to write up some tips for visiting international acts because they dont seem to understand some things about touring in Australia when they book their tours.
1. We are in the southern hemisphere - which means May sucks for outdoor venues
2. Do not tour during the Australian Rules Football Season - because all the good stadiums are off limits and you are forced to the crap ones.
3. Perth audiences are very reserved - many a time I have been to a concert or stage show and been one of the few people giving a standing ovation at the end. This doesnt mean we dont like you or that we didnt appreciate your talent.
4. Members Equity Stadium (Perth Glory's home ground) is not a good venue for soccer and is an absolutely crap venue for concerts.

We, Perth People, really do appreciate the time, effort and logistics that goes into actually bringing your show to the west. We know it is a huge pain in the butt, we know the promoters would prefer you just to stay on the east coast... but.... if you bring it we will come! Last night was fantastic, despite the rain and the idiots who cant read the signs saying "this is a smoke free venue".

So thank you Sir Elton John for taking the time to come to Perth, your show was great, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You know you have your Hubby trained when...

He comes home from work and hands you this:

It was on the desk calender I bought him for Christmas and he thought of me when he saw it!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So many finished things

It's been a good weekend for FO's! I had planned for a few more things to be finished and off the needles but we'll get to that... I spent ANZAC Day over at SpiderKnit's along with Spirelle (from Ravelry but also from the Mount Lawley Stitch'nBitch). We ate yummy Cinnamon scrolls and watched season 2 of The House of Eliott, and knit.

So FO's:

I finally put the little Bilby together which will be flying over to USA as part of the thank you package to the wonderful lady who sent us our Knit Picks order. I think it will have to be a she because most of the other toys are he's. I have no idea what to call her though.

I have also finished 3 scarves for friends of mine (blue one was already done, pink one was 1/3 into) who I do craft's with fairly regularly. I made one of these for my Aunt for her birthday and the girls all loved them so much I have decided they can all have one. It also seems that for once I have made something that is in fashion. Chunky knitted scarves seem to be in all the shops at the moment.
It's my version of Purse Stitch which is suppose to be P1,* yo, P2tog, P1* repeat ending on a P1, for all rows. I hate purling on the bus because I have to look at it so I do it with the knit stitch, for a scarf it really doesn't matter because it's the same either side. It's a really easy knit and on 8mm needles it knits up in no time at all, I use 3 balls of some yarn I got from Crossways in their bins in the mall rather than inside.

I have also finished 1 voodoo wrist warmer for charity in the large size, they are a little shorter than the pattern calls for but that's because I have used half of the yarn on this one so the other one should be the same. I'm using the left overs from Bilby's back.

And... the reason I didn't get as many things finished this weekend as I had planned:

This is suppose to be 6 strips (x 6 squares in each strip). Can you see the problem with this picture? Apart from the fact that they haven't been blocked, which can be done once I calm down, there are only 5 strips here. I have looked everywhere for the last one, which I know I made because I ticked them off my list when I cast each one off. It looks like I have left it in one of the hotels in Sydney that I stayed in. Given it's been nearly 3 months I'm not even bothering to see if they still have it. I have a ball of each colour left so I'm knitting it again. On the bright side, the baby this is for wont be here until June, so I guess I should be happy that I didn't leave it until the last minute to sew up right?!?!?

Still 4 FO's in 1 weekend is very good in my book.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Have you seen this?

I have fallen in love!


I have to have it, it's so pretty! I like kit #1.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When I think about it

I have decided to finish my dress and not worry too much about the jacket or gloves. Spiderknit has kindly lent me a shawl and some really nice gloves with fur cuffs for this Friday. I really want to finish the beading on my dress (it's made and wearable) so that it is actually done and I don't have to worry about it anymore. I'll sort the other stuff out for next game in a month's time.
I get a little carried away sometimes and don't stop and think. This time I have and now I can relax a little.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where I discover I’m an idiot…

So I have to have my costume ready for next Friday night where my character enters the LARP game I'm involved in. Not a big deal I wouldn’t have thought, actually I didn’t think it a big deal which is why I’m an idiot. I bought the pattern a couple of months ago for my dress. I've had the fabric for at least 2 months, possibly longer. So why didn’t I start it until Friday?!?!? Because I’m an idiot.

Not only do I have to make the dress, which thankfully I only have the sleeve’s and hem left to finish. I can no longer tell the difference between the black fabric and the black thread so I’ve stopped for the night. I also have to finish the 2nd glove in this pattern, the first of which took me from Friday week ago until this Friday night to finish (why did I leave them soooooo late to start, because I’m an idiot). Oh and I want to dye them charcoal because white gloves is waaaaay to prissy even for my character.

But wait there’s more… I also have to make (by way of knitting) some fake fur stuff to go down the length of the coat I made ages ago but it needs something to finish it. That something I decided would be some fake fur, but I’m not paying the $80 per meter that everyone wants to charge me for the look I was going for. Which leaves me with a couple of choices but I decided on the insane one of course, I’m knitting black fun fur into strips that are 4 stitches across on 5mm needles. So far in the car yesterday on our way to and from a BBQ I managed to knit enough to make it from the floor to my knee. I knit another 20 cm or so in the car today and will be no doubt doing the same thing on the bus this week to and from work.

Did I mention I also need to make the decorative bit for the hat? That shouldn’t take long and I may even be able to do it tonight given it’s not all black on black and is mostly pinning and gluing.
On the bright side the dress is looking great, the glove that is finished fit’s like a… well it fits nicely and I may actually have some time to sleep between now and my hair dressers appointment at Friday lunch time. If not I guess I’ll be sleeping while the colour gets touched up.

My bag swap pressie arrived on Monday night and I have been a bad swap partner and not posted pictures (that’s the next thing on my list) over on the Show and Tell thread. I love it, it’s purple, has cables, 2 straps (everyday and bling for going out), is the perfect size for my purse, keys, phone and some tissues. Even my hubby agrees that it is a good pick for me. There is also the remaining ball of Cleckheaton Merino Supreme from the bag, a ball of Mi Inca 100% Baby Alpaca (YUMMY!) and the bag of silvery/grey is also Merino Supreme! How spoilt am I?!?!?
I feel really bad for my swap partner, she is going to have another little envelope in the mail this week, I had bought some fabric's for her but couldn't find them before I posted the package off. Guess what I found this morning while I was making room on the sewing table...

I have also cast off the last part of the pressie that I cant talk about yet, I now have seaming to do but that can wait a week or 2, it’s not needed until June.

Ok if you made it this far through my rant, thanks for listening/reading.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Spinning is fun!

I was so tempted to do the Kylie song for the title (Im spinning around).

I went to the Mt Helena craft group today (a bit of a drive but worth it) and they taught me to spin wool... see:

Thankyou for leaving your wheel behind Clementine, it's being used and taken care of! The ladies there did call me nasty names after I had been spinning for just an hour and had figured out how to tension the wool so it didnt slub too badly. The only problem is I havent figured out how to tension it properly when I join the next handfull of roving or how to stop it going too thin.
They gave me a shopping bag full of raw fleece and I had to start from scratch. I combed it, combed it again, laid it out, did some more and more and still more then got to play with the wheel. I had to clean all the sheepy oil off of the bobbins and stuff before I could start because it is a cold day today and it didnt want to spin properly before I did that. Im very impressed with myself, they even let me bring the rest of the bag home so I can practice before next time (actually I think it could have something to do with no one else wanting to take the smelly fleece home again)!

Hubby was suitably impressed with my first attempt, although he did make one of his smart ass comments "that's great honey, you turned wool into... um wool, nice work".

My gloves are progressing nicely:

AND my bag was received and is loved! As luck would have it (and just to prove how small the world actually is) my swap partner is Melmccabe from Ravelry and she just happens to be spinning up some roving for one of my friends Lupinbunny from S'n'B!
I have cut out the dress and am ready to start sewing it together so that can be the job for evenings this week, except for tonight of course, it's Monday!