Monday, March 31, 2008

Spinning is fun!

I was so tempted to do the Kylie song for the title (Im spinning around).

I went to the Mt Helena craft group today (a bit of a drive but worth it) and they taught me to spin wool... see:

Thankyou for leaving your wheel behind Clementine, it's being used and taken care of! The ladies there did call me nasty names after I had been spinning for just an hour and had figured out how to tension the wool so it didnt slub too badly. The only problem is I havent figured out how to tension it properly when I join the next handfull of roving or how to stop it going too thin.
They gave me a shopping bag full of raw fleece and I had to start from scratch. I combed it, combed it again, laid it out, did some more and more and still more then got to play with the wheel. I had to clean all the sheepy oil off of the bobbins and stuff before I could start because it is a cold day today and it didnt want to spin properly before I did that. Im very impressed with myself, they even let me bring the rest of the bag home so I can practice before next time (actually I think it could have something to do with no one else wanting to take the smelly fleece home again)!

Hubby was suitably impressed with my first attempt, although he did make one of his smart ass comments "that's great honey, you turned wool into... um wool, nice work".

My gloves are progressing nicely:

AND my bag was received and is loved! As luck would have it (and just to prove how small the world actually is) my swap partner is Melmccabe from Ravelry and she just happens to be spinning up some roving for one of my friends Lupinbunny from S'n'B!
I have cut out the dress and am ready to start sewing it together so that can be the job for evenings this week, except for tonight of course, it's Monday!

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Clementine said...

WHoo! That looks great, so much more even than mine... I'm having trouble getting tension on my new wheel :( I think I am out of practice. Perhaps we should do a roving swap at some stage? I was thinking of getting some plain prepared roving and dyeing it, if i send you some would you be keen?