Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthday love

I went to Spotlight today to use some of my birthday vouchers (my family love me!) and this is what I found:

blue polar fleece with bunnies, blue trains in a stretch knit,

Purple polka dots and fake patchwork pink in cotton,

and fleecy flannel stars and clouds so I can make lots of wraps for my friends having boys.

In the knitting bargain bin (ignore the blurry photo), I found this kit with 4 x 50g balls of 4ply cotton for $3 and a bag of bamboo/cotton for $12 in nice green/blues.

I've made a decent amount of progress on my bag.

and this is the Baby Yoda cardigan that I told you about before, it's still unblocked but Im saving all the blocking until a weekend when we dont have a billion things going on.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The count down begins

I have 8 days left of work before I go on leave to become a mum. Technically I have 3 weeks, but of those 3 weeks I'll be at the office for 8 days and I have lunches with friends and work each of the last 3 days. My replacement starts on Tuesday and she's very lovely and seems quite clued in so I don't anticipate a stressfull training period.

On craft things, Im about 1/5 through my version of the Medallion Travel Bag (or here if your not on Ravelry) Im doing it in 2 shades of purple. I'll put pic's up when I remember to photograph it. I think Im doing fairly well given a) how big it is and b) it's my first try at 2 coloured knitting (gotta love youtube for learning things).

I've finished my little bubs Baby Yoda Sweater and am seriously thinking about making the hat with Yoda's ears - just because I can :)

Im doing a list of things I need to have done before I finish work and things that need to be done before the bub arrives. Im not silly enough to think I'll have "spare time" once it's here so I have to include in the lists things like my nieces birthday present and my cousins wedding present (which sadly has been left on the sidelines a bit lately). My nieces birthday is the week after my estimated due date and my cousins wedding is 5 weeks after it as well.