Monday, May 26, 2008

Red stays

All the girls last night said that the red looked fantastic. So, no black (unless the red fades and then there will be black) on the gloves!

I finished my gauge swatch for Solo, and Im spot on row and stitch gauge so I cast on.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


So they look really really bright red in this pic, they are only slightly darker IRL but enough that I dont look like a traffic light.

Kinda between these 2 colours. Oh and I know I suck at taking photo's of my own hands, I could have waited for DH to come home but that would have meant telling him exactly what I wanted and him being a fuss with the light and it's just way too much effort.

Altering patterns

So I have finished the Vintage Lace Gloves, they are drying. I dyed them scarlet and am still debating if I dip dye them black from the fingers Im going to get opinions tonight at SNB. The fingers on these were really big. I made some alterations to them and said on Ravelry that I would post them here for anyone who might be interested. For each of the fingers I picked up the same number of stitches or it would have looked weird at the transition point from hand to fingers, from that point however I did my own thing. Kinda.

1st finger:
Knit 5 rounds even
K9, K2tog, K9, K2tog
Knit 5 rounds even
K8, K2tog, K8, K2tog
Knit 10 rounds even
K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog
Knit 1 round
follow pattern from 3rd decrease row

2nd finger:
Knit 10 rounds even
K10, K2tog, K10, K2tog
Knit 5 rounds even
K9, K2tog, K9 K2tog
Knit 14 rounds even
follow pattern from 2nd decrease row

3rd finger:
Knit 6 rounds even
K9, K2tog, K9, K2tog
Knit 5 rounds even
K8, K2tog, K8, K2tog
Knit 10 rounds even
K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog
Knit 1 round
follow pattern from 3rd decrease row

4th finger:
Knit 6 rounds even
K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog
Knit 10 rounds even
follow pattern from 3rd decrease row

follow instructions for decrease down to 20 stitches (rather than 24)
knit 4 rows
follow pattern from 1st decrease row of first finger

Of course you may have shorter or longer fingers than me so you can add or remove rows but I would suggest doing this before the first round of decreases on the fingers and for the thumb between decrease rows. I'll put pictures up soon I promise

On a different project, I have sewn 5.5 of the blanket strips together, should have that done by SNB tonight to show off to the girls. My SIL is due in a few weeks but her doctor has said there is every chance she could have it by the end of this week given the baby's size and hers. I'll put pictures up when it's gifted.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have made a pair of Fetching for my cousin since she is off to New Zealand next weekend I decided she needed some hand knit fingerless gloves. I love how fast they are. I cast the right glove on today while we were out wedding dress shopping. She was in the change room putting beautiful dresses on and I was sitting outside casting on. The lady looked at me at one point (when I was just about to start the cables, so 5 rows in) and asked if I was learning to knit, I looked at her and politely said, no I'm just starting the second cabled glove (and showed her the first that I had cast off in the car on the way there). Apparently she was learning to knit so she assumed I was too, she is learning from her mum. Had my cousin not come out of the changeroom at that exact moment with what we think is THE dress on I would have remembered to ask her along to SNB.

I'm still dyeing the lace gloves, there was too much colour coming out when I was rinsing them so I'm reheating them to hopefully get the colour to stick a bit better. I'll put some photo's of them up when I'm done.

Monday, May 19, 2008

FO's and shoes

No photos yet but I finished the gloves last night at SNB. I also started the gauge swatch for Solo and the colours are going to work really well with the pattern too from the looks of it.

I'll take some pic's tonight before I dye the gloves - no Im not going to wear white lace gloves, red and black ones however are just fine!

I woke up today and really didnt want to get up. I'd slept really well but I just wanted to stay in the warm bed, hubby had a different idea, he turned the light on and pulled the covers off. I know it's a work day but still, that was just plain mean :( So I wore my favorite boots to work to make me feel better. They are brown, go almost to my knees (on anyone else they would reach the knees perfectly) and are stilettos. My only pair of shoes that are stilettos, I cant normally walk in them but these are boots so they hold my ankle and stop me from ending up in hospital.

Hope your day is treating you ok, I want to go back to bed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Socks that rock

So after I got bored of doing house work today I decided I would need to ball up my STR heavyweight in Korppi so I can start swatching my next project. I have half a thumb and some ends to sew in on my vintage lace gloves so they will be done before the end of stitch'n'bitch tonight and I'll need something else to cast on.

(yeah ignore the mess on the floor there, I'm sorting through it all slowly.)

Another big thanks to my hubby for arranging the ball winder and swift for my birthday (as gifts from his mum and my big brother). He didn't just tell them what I wanted and get gift vouchers, nope he ordered them and distributed them before the day!

I did make the rule that I had to finish my gloves and do the sewing up on the blanket Ive made before I could cast something new on... but I'm going to sew up the blanket tomorrow night - I promise! I cant go to SNB and sew up, mostly because I lack the concentration to talk, drink and seam up properly.

but see, it's so pretty how could I not ball it up and take it tonight?!?!?!

So now to hang out some more washing and then to dye some gloves (elbow length ones from my MIL who wore them in the 60's? as a bridesmaid) red and black.

Did I mention I love not working on Mondays?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A night with a Knight

Sir Elton John!!!! His Perth concert was last night, it was a great concert, if you leave out the bit where we got drenched by rain, it was a great concert.

Im compelled to write up some tips for visiting international acts because they dont seem to understand some things about touring in Australia when they book their tours.
1. We are in the southern hemisphere - which means May sucks for outdoor venues
2. Do not tour during the Australian Rules Football Season - because all the good stadiums are off limits and you are forced to the crap ones.
3. Perth audiences are very reserved - many a time I have been to a concert or stage show and been one of the few people giving a standing ovation at the end. This doesnt mean we dont like you or that we didnt appreciate your talent.
4. Members Equity Stadium (Perth Glory's home ground) is not a good venue for soccer and is an absolutely crap venue for concerts.

We, Perth People, really do appreciate the time, effort and logistics that goes into actually bringing your show to the west. We know it is a huge pain in the butt, we know the promoters would prefer you just to stay on the east coast... but.... if you bring it we will come! Last night was fantastic, despite the rain and the idiots who cant read the signs saying "this is a smoke free venue".

So thank you Sir Elton John for taking the time to come to Perth, your show was great, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.