Sunday, May 18, 2008

Socks that rock

So after I got bored of doing house work today I decided I would need to ball up my STR heavyweight in Korppi so I can start swatching my next project. I have half a thumb and some ends to sew in on my vintage lace gloves so they will be done before the end of stitch'n'bitch tonight and I'll need something else to cast on.

(yeah ignore the mess on the floor there, I'm sorting through it all slowly.)

Another big thanks to my hubby for arranging the ball winder and swift for my birthday (as gifts from his mum and my big brother). He didn't just tell them what I wanted and get gift vouchers, nope he ordered them and distributed them before the day!

I did make the rule that I had to finish my gloves and do the sewing up on the blanket Ive made before I could cast something new on... but I'm going to sew up the blanket tomorrow night - I promise! I cant go to SNB and sew up, mostly because I lack the concentration to talk, drink and seam up properly.

but see, it's so pretty how could I not ball it up and take it tonight?!?!?!

So now to hang out some more washing and then to dye some gloves (elbow length ones from my MIL who wore them in the 60's? as a bridesmaid) red and black.

Did I mention I love not working on Mondays?

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