Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have made a pair of Fetching for my cousin since she is off to New Zealand next weekend I decided she needed some hand knit fingerless gloves. I love how fast they are. I cast the right glove on today while we were out wedding dress shopping. She was in the change room putting beautiful dresses on and I was sitting outside casting on. The lady looked at me at one point (when I was just about to start the cables, so 5 rows in) and asked if I was learning to knit, I looked at her and politely said, no I'm just starting the second cabled glove (and showed her the first that I had cast off in the car on the way there). Apparently she was learning to knit so she assumed I was too, she is learning from her mum. Had my cousin not come out of the changeroom at that exact moment with what we think is THE dress on I would have remembered to ask her along to SNB.

I'm still dyeing the lace gloves, there was too much colour coming out when I was rinsing them so I'm reheating them to hopefully get the colour to stick a bit better. I'll put some photo's of them up when I'm done.

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