Thursday, June 26, 2008


You too? I had all last week off work and became a hermit over the weekend too. Im much better now thanks.

I have been knitting and am nearly at the cast off point of the first in a pair of Dashing which are turning out very nicely in the 100% alpaca. I was very seriously considering keeping them for myself and then reminded myself that I had another hank.... I could make some (to fit me) from that after J's are done and his hands are nice and warm.

On my vest *sigh* lets not talk too long on this because I got very cross on Sunday when I realised that either Blue Moon Fibre Arts were waaaaaaaaaaaaay off on the yardage on the skein's (very doubtful because I wouldnt be the first person to notice this). Or the pattern's estimates on the required yarn was wrong... like lots wrong. I was still a good 3 inches from casting off the back and I had about 11m left on the first skein.

By my calculations, at 350m per skein at 2 skeins I should have about 700m. The pattern calls for 590m for the size I was knitting. Sure I had added just under an inch on the lenght of the vest but that shouldnt have used up all that much yarn when I should have some extra to play with?!?! So I spoke with Spider_Knit, who, enabled me... (which is only fair since I told her that buying discontinued Rowan for her wish list really isnt stash enhancement or falling off the yarn wagon when you have a project for it)... Im ordering another skein. And since Im ordering another skein, I ripped it back to the arm shaping and added another couple of inches so it can be exactly the lenght I want it.

My hubby though this was a good idea because he really likes the yarn and found a few other things that would be good for me to have when I was browsing their website. I am going to order some yarn for some gift knitting and whats more he cant say anything about it when it arrives because he told me to!!!!!!

I think he might just be finally getting this "being married to a craft addict" thing. That or he decided it was easier than listening to me grumble for another hour (which I did before I spoke to Spider_Knit), either way, I get to buy more yarn!!!!

oh and I saw this today in a medical journal/magazine that I get:

Doctors at a hospital in Melbourne have gone on strike. Hospital officials say they will find out what the doctors' demands are as soon as they can get a pharmacist over there to read the picket signs.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

How was your Saturday?

It's Saturday 14 June, which means it's WWKIP Day (World Wide Knit In Public Day). The one day a year knitters from all around the world gather and shock the muggles (non-knitting folk). I went along to the gathering in Forest Place in Perth. Spider_Knit and I were discussing on the way there how many people we thought would be there and we both agreed probably about a dozen. We arrived at 11am and there was already more than that when we got there. Here are some photo's of the day:

Here's my Solo, I'm 11 of the 14 inches into the back. I'm making it an inch longer owing to the fact that I'm tall and hoping that that will be long enough. Oh and it is actually black, remember this yarn? Well it looks fantastic in the sunlight but it doesn't photograph that well in the sunlight.

and.... I cast on Dashing for my friend, from some alpaca I bought last year. He wants them black and that's what I had so he's very lucky! Oh did I mention I got my hair cut yesterday? I nearly strangled myself when I rolled over in bed with the winter sheet's on (hair stuck to the pillowcase and well you can laugh while you think about the rest, everyone else has) and so I decided it was time for a serious cut!

I have more FO's and bit's to show you but that's enough photo's for one day.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What I've been doing / FO's

I figured that since I took photo's of these I should blog about them.

A month or so ago I made a red velveteen cloak for a costume, the pieces were so wide I couldn't use my sewing table to put them together so while hubby was at work I used the dining table. It worked out really well with black lining and lace trimming. I'll eventually get a photo of me wearing it. The pattern is Simplicity 4947, technically it's the cream one but I didn't put the fur on it, instead brought the lace around the hood. It's really warm and easy to put on and off.

Our desk is finished and all the 2 computers (yep I got a new one finally) are up and running. This is my computer when it arrived...

and our desk when it was finished.

I will be working on another robe/cloak for a friend of mine this weekend. It's going to be in monk brown because he needs a costume for a crazy monk. So that's going to be fun, I think I will be cutting this one out on the floor. The hood needs to be big enough to cover most of his face and the arms not quite so "wizardly" as he termed it. So should be a good weekend of sewing for me.

Ive also been doing some spinning yesterday and today, about 20 min per go or my back gets a little sore. I'm getting better at keeping it consistent but still cant join the pieces of roving very well.

Last but by no means least, baby Alexandra. I told you she was cute!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The blanket is gifted

This is baby Alexandra's blanket, she was born today at 5.22pm weighing 6lbs 10oz and is cute as a button!

I know it's not the best photo of it but it's the only one I have at the moment as we had to leave our camera at the hospital for the mum and dad to use as they werent expecting the baby to come and therfore didnt have everything with them.