Saturday, June 14, 2008

How was your Saturday?

It's Saturday 14 June, which means it's WWKIP Day (World Wide Knit In Public Day). The one day a year knitters from all around the world gather and shock the muggles (non-knitting folk). I went along to the gathering in Forest Place in Perth. Spider_Knit and I were discussing on the way there how many people we thought would be there and we both agreed probably about a dozen. We arrived at 11am and there was already more than that when we got there. Here are some photo's of the day:

Here's my Solo, I'm 11 of the 14 inches into the back. I'm making it an inch longer owing to the fact that I'm tall and hoping that that will be long enough. Oh and it is actually black, remember this yarn? Well it looks fantastic in the sunlight but it doesn't photograph that well in the sunlight.

and.... I cast on Dashing for my friend, from some alpaca I bought last year. He wants them black and that's what I had so he's very lucky! Oh did I mention I got my hair cut yesterday? I nearly strangled myself when I rolled over in bed with the winter sheet's on (hair stuck to the pillowcase and well you can laugh while you think about the rest, everyone else has) and so I decided it was time for a serious cut!

I have more FO's and bit's to show you but that's enough photo's for one day.

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