Thursday, June 26, 2008


You too? I had all last week off work and became a hermit over the weekend too. Im much better now thanks.

I have been knitting and am nearly at the cast off point of the first in a pair of Dashing which are turning out very nicely in the 100% alpaca. I was very seriously considering keeping them for myself and then reminded myself that I had another hank.... I could make some (to fit me) from that after J's are done and his hands are nice and warm.

On my vest *sigh* lets not talk too long on this because I got very cross on Sunday when I realised that either Blue Moon Fibre Arts were waaaaaaaaaaaaay off on the yardage on the skein's (very doubtful because I wouldnt be the first person to notice this). Or the pattern's estimates on the required yarn was wrong... like lots wrong. I was still a good 3 inches from casting off the back and I had about 11m left on the first skein.

By my calculations, at 350m per skein at 2 skeins I should have about 700m. The pattern calls for 590m for the size I was knitting. Sure I had added just under an inch on the lenght of the vest but that shouldnt have used up all that much yarn when I should have some extra to play with?!?! So I spoke with Spider_Knit, who, enabled me... (which is only fair since I told her that buying discontinued Rowan for her wish list really isnt stash enhancement or falling off the yarn wagon when you have a project for it)... Im ordering another skein. And since Im ordering another skein, I ripped it back to the arm shaping and added another couple of inches so it can be exactly the lenght I want it.

My hubby though this was a good idea because he really likes the yarn and found a few other things that would be good for me to have when I was browsing their website. I am going to order some yarn for some gift knitting and whats more he cant say anything about it when it arrives because he told me to!!!!!!

I think he might just be finally getting this "being married to a craft addict" thing. That or he decided it was easier than listening to me grumble for another hour (which I did before I spoke to Spider_Knit), either way, I get to buy more yarn!!!!

oh and I saw this today in a medical journal/magazine that I get:

Doctors at a hospital in Melbourne have gone on strike. Hospital officials say they will find out what the doctors' demands are as soon as they can get a pharmacist over there to read the picket signs.



Michelle said...

oh yes, what a week for the sickies over here. absolutely no knitting going on while i run the hospital.

spider_knit said...

{sings} I am unrepentant!