Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sydney... nuf said


There's a Starbucks on just about every corner, I walk past a Krispy Kreme on my way to and from work, the boys are very nice to look at (yes I know Im married but I can still look you know). The shops are fantastic, the weather not so great but that's why shops are indoors right?!?!?

Oh and for anyone who hasnt been to Tapestry Craft, it's brilliant! I met Webgoddess yesterday, while I was at TC the phone rang, and it was Jo Sharp! We were both very impressed.

I have bought a bunch of really nice papers to make some cards with when I get home, the girls at work took me to The Tea Centre yesterday where I stocked up on my fave jasmine tea that is $330.00 per Kg (I only got 50g).

Did I mention the shops? Tomorrow and Saturday Im shopping so lucky I didnt bring lots of stuff over, or I would be seriously short on space.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What to take?

So Im off to Sydney this week for work, Im also staying the weekend so I can cross "go to Mardi Gras" off my to do list. Im tossing my projects around trying to figure out what to take with me. I forgot to photocopy the pattern for one that has a deadline but I need the suitcase space for shopping not books :-) I have got a couple of smaller projects that I could take with me but which ones do I take, all of them? I know I will have some time free each day to knit and Im going to the Tapestry Craft Stitch'n'Bitch on Thursday night so I want something that I can tuck away in my bag because Im going out afterwards. I guess if I do get them finished then I can come back and concentrate on the ones that have deadlines.

I was going to take some embroidery with me, but I finished it while I was watching season 7 of Buffy (I had never seen it before - I grew up in the country...) so that's one more thing not to take.

On a non craft topic, tonight is my cousins Engagement Party, she has a beautiful dress with custom made earrings, bracelet and necklace thanks to one of our friends. I believe she was getting her hair and make up done today too. She's going to my hairdresser so he had better do a good job or we are both in trouble (me and my hairdresser).

Im half way through my secret pressie and also halfway through my Australian Bag Ladies Swap bag. When I get back I have a bunch of things to sew up, which means sorting the craft table out properly and getting stuck in.

Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures for you when I get back from Sydney.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Yarn!!!!!

The Mount Lawley Stitch'n'Bitch girls went on a stash enhancement mission yesterday. I have posted here about it. It was a great day even if a few of us did get a little bit sun burnt (I know, hat, sunscreen etc etc, I’m an adult and I should know better with my complexion). I have got the yarn to make my Noni Felted Travel Bag, but I will have to order the needles, apparently no one in Perth stocks 8.5mm circulars of any length. :(

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If the hat fits?

But what if it doesn't? I made this hat as a part of a costume Im doing up, but there were no measurements, no picture and Ive never made a hat (knitted beanies only) before.

So while it looks very cute and is the style I was after, Im glad I used scraps (the ribbon is only pinned on). I have now increased the pattern size by 12% and will try again. The pattern is from which is one of the free patterns from, it has knitted, sewn and crochet patterns.

Im progressing through my Australian Ladies Bag Swap project, Im not sure how the photo's turned out but I like it so I hope she will (bit of a hit there...)

It's from 25 Bags to Knit but that's all the info Im giving away at the moment. You can't really see it but those bit's in the middle (3 rows) are cables. Only my 2nd cable project ever and no it's not a scary as you think, it's actually quite fun.

There's been no progress on the scarf and only very little on the other project I can't talk about yet.
I have sourced the yarn for my Noni felted bag, I'll be picking it up this weekend on the Mount Lawley Stitch'n'Bitch Train Ride Extravaganza (they picked the title, not me). I dare say the credit card will be getting a work out on Saturday, and the Hubby is away so I have all weekend to hide the yarn! Just kidding, he knows goodies will be purchased and he's already been warned in advance not to comment. I mean really is it my fault if things jump off the shelf and insist on coming home with me? Is it?!?!?!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

what are friends for...

So what do you do when you get to work and have a screen and a half of new emails, a ton of real mail and the phone "message waiting light" blinking madly at you? Email your friend and ask if she wants to go to lunch with you - because you just know it's going to be one of those days. Thanks Spider_Knit I would have been eating at my desk stressing if you had of said no!

I have started my bag for the Australian Bag Ladies Swap over on Ravelry and must say I like the pattern so much Im going to make one for myself! No photo's yet but there will be some teasers on Ravelry this week at some stage.

Oh and on the totally fluky - Im going to be in Sydney for work when Tapestry Craft have their next Stitch & Bitch! I absolutely intend rocking up for that.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

My cousin asked me to go to the Bridal Expo with her that was on today. After the expo she asked me to be her Matron of Honor - no pressure! Luckily we get along like sisters (in a good way) which will be handy since I guess we will be doing things together a lot over the coming year. Why do I mention this here? Her Mum is one of my craft buddies. We had already started sorting out the thank you gifts for people at the engagement party that is coming up last week.

The bride has picked a very nice set of colours (which wont even make me look like the side of a house so I’m very happy about that) that are different to what we all expected from her. Traditionally she has been a blue girl. Not this time (of course I’m not going to say here what they are but suffice to say they are pretty).

On the craft front I have a billion projects going of course. I have a last minute knitted baby pram sized blanket for a dear friend at work. A boy sized knitted hat for the February COM at (I will learn one day how to make short little links). A cross stitch that was for my Christmas decorations – there’s always this year. I have washed the material for a table cloth and also 2 dresses that need sewing. A gift that I can't mention just yet. A lace scarf for me and finally an engagement card for the bride above.

Branching out is my scarf, I have decided that lace really isn't that hard - I should have listened to Spider_Knit in the first place.