Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sydney... nuf said


There's a Starbucks on just about every corner, I walk past a Krispy Kreme on my way to and from work, the boys are very nice to look at (yes I know Im married but I can still look you know). The shops are fantastic, the weather not so great but that's why shops are indoors right?!?!?

Oh and for anyone who hasnt been to Tapestry Craft, it's brilliant! I met Webgoddess yesterday, while I was at TC the phone rang, and it was Jo Sharp! We were both very impressed.

I have bought a bunch of really nice papers to make some cards with when I get home, the girls at work took me to The Tea Centre yesterday where I stocked up on my fave jasmine tea that is $330.00 per Kg (I only got 50g).

Did I mention the shops? Tomorrow and Saturday Im shopping so lucky I didnt bring lots of stuff over, or I would be seriously short on space.


spider_knit said...


Michelle said...

I like the Tea Centre myself. got some nice tea from them.

Clementine said...

i am SO jealous you met web goddess! I was going to ask you to try and meet her for me, since I've seen her on metafilter and read her blog for aaaaaaages but then i decided it'd be a bit stalkery and weird. i dunno, she just seems like a really cool person. Am glad you're having fun!