Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

My cousin asked me to go to the Bridal Expo with her that was on today. After the expo she asked me to be her Matron of Honor - no pressure! Luckily we get along like sisters (in a good way) which will be handy since I guess we will be doing things together a lot over the coming year. Why do I mention this here? Her Mum is one of my craft buddies. We had already started sorting out the thank you gifts for people at the engagement party that is coming up last week.

The bride has picked a very nice set of colours (which wont even make me look like the side of a house so I’m very happy about that) that are different to what we all expected from her. Traditionally she has been a blue girl. Not this time (of course I’m not going to say here what they are but suffice to say they are pretty).

On the craft front I have a billion projects going of course. I have a last minute knitted baby pram sized blanket for a dear friend at work. A boy sized knitted hat for the February COM at (I will learn one day how to make short little links). A cross stitch that was for my Christmas decorations – there’s always this year. I have washed the material for a table cloth and also 2 dresses that need sewing. A gift that I can't mention just yet. A lace scarf for me and finally an engagement card for the bride above.

Branching out is my scarf, I have decided that lace really isn't that hard - I should have listened to Spider_Knit in the first place.

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