Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If the hat fits?

But what if it doesn't? I made this hat as a part of a costume Im doing up, but there were no measurements, no picture and Ive never made a hat (knitted beanies only) before.

So while it looks very cute and is the style I was after, Im glad I used scraps (the ribbon is only pinned on). I have now increased the pattern size by 12% and will try again. The pattern is from http://600va.com/share/buckethat.pdf which is one of the free patterns from http://www.fmfcorp.com/familyspot/haircover.html, it has knitted, sewn and crochet patterns.

Im progressing through my Australian Ladies Bag Swap project, Im not sure how the photo's turned out but I like it so I hope she will (bit of a hit there...)

It's from 25 Bags to Knit but that's all the info Im giving away at the moment. You can't really see it but those bit's in the middle (3 rows) are cables. Only my 2nd cable project ever and no it's not a scary as you think, it's actually quite fun.

There's been no progress on the scarf and only very little on the other project I can't talk about yet.
I have sourced the yarn for my Noni felted bag, I'll be picking it up this weekend on the Mount Lawley Stitch'n'Bitch Train Ride Extravaganza (they picked the title, not me). I dare say the credit card will be getting a work out on Saturday, and the Hubby is away so I have all weekend to hide the yarn! Just kidding, he knows goodies will be purchased and he's already been warned in advance not to comment. I mean really is it my fault if things jump off the shelf and insist on coming home with me? Is it?!?!?!


Michelle said...

I have a feather from what I believe was a Twenty-Eight. I'll bring it tonight, it would look great on your hat!

600vacom said...

Please note that the bucket hat pattern is no longer at this link:

If possible please update your reference to the new link:

Currently there is a redirect on the link but eventually I will take this down.

I updated this pattern on 4/08 to increase the size as I noticed the printed copy came out smaller than the hand drawn copy I started with. I realized this after attempting to use the printed pattern for a new hat. So the new pattern might work better than you recall.