Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gifted Finished Objects

I really will get this up to date one day (probably not this week though). I've finished and gifted 2 projects this week. One I know has been received and is being loved by my mate J who now has warm hands, the other was received with a confused but happy look.

I made a pair of Dashing for my friend who lives in cold wintry Melbourne, he tells me he loves them, my hubby is modeling them here for us, you cant really see all the detail in them because they are so black.

I am really seriously considering making a pair for myself but dont think I have enough of the alpaca left over so will make a pair of Fetching instead but make them a little longer.

The other project were these anklets for my SIL who, when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday replied anklet socks. I thought, excellent I can knit her a pair from my stash, she loves pink and I have some cotton/wool blend sock yarn in my stash. My Grandma was there when the SIL opened them and was so proud of me (she hasnt seen the first pair of socks I made yet which while nice are a little big for me). She's a knitter and attempted to teach me knitting when I was a kid.

Again, I love this pattern so much Im actually going to make myself a pair out of the other ball of sock yarn (since I anticipated making socks I bought 2 balls and these only take 1 with left overs for the size 7's for my SIL).

What am I doing at the moment??? I have a couple of things on the go. My vest is still where it was last time I told you about it. Im embroidering some slipper type shoes for a friend for a costume, they need to be done by Friday and Im about half way through.

Im also making a random basket weave type scarf from 3 colours. I picked up 4 balls of Cleckheaton Country 8ply at Spotlight Cannington last Monday. In the store they looked like 2 different shades of the same toning in green, a mossy green which I really liked. When I got them home, out of the fluro lighting I discovered that one of the colours was a lovely mossy green and the other was more of a blue/mint green. So now I had 2 balls of each colour which didnt go together. I rummaged through the stash and came up with 2 balls of a burgundy which actually works with the other 2 colours.

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