Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They did WHAT!!!!!

My hubby got home from work today to discover we had been broken into. Thankfully it doesn't look like anything sentimental or non-replaceable has been taken.... but

The bastards touched my knitting!!!! They went through my knitting bag and in the process pulled out my dpn's from the glove Im working on. AND I discovered my vest thrown across the craft room and Im not allowed to touch it to see what damage has been done, it's still attached to the ball.

*rant incoming*

I can get over them tossing everything in my bedroom - it's expected when your broken into - not nice, but expected. I can even get over the fact that they have left a trail of glass around the house (making it easier to see where they went), but I can not forgive touching my craft stuff that I've spent so many hours on. It's just rude!

*end of rant*

1 comment:

knitconvict said...

Bastards. Deserve a poke in the eye with a metal needle.