Monday, July 7, 2008

Love & Hate

I feel very spoilt, even though I dont get to keep this... the ANZ knitting group in Victoria received 300 (yes 300) balls of alpaca which was donated for them to knit up into items for the annual winter appeal fund raiser. Last year we raised $15,000.00 so this year we are obviously aiming higher. Im getting 12 of those lovely balls of alpaca to knit up into mittens or hats or what ever takes my fancy and to send back. I have 4 balls each of black, brown and beige coming my way.

Have I told you how much I loved knitting with alpaca yet? No? Well I do, it feels soft and warm and fluffy.

Oh and I hate working in the city on school holidays, I went out to get some lunch and feel like Ive run the gauntlet on Gladiators.

This week is going to be particularly slack work wise too, not that I dont have a lot of work on... Im flat out. Tomorrow Im volunteering at the Anglicare WA annual knit in come join us if you have time.

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