Saturday, May 10, 2008

A night with a Knight

Sir Elton John!!!! His Perth concert was last night, it was a great concert, if you leave out the bit where we got drenched by rain, it was a great concert.

Im compelled to write up some tips for visiting international acts because they dont seem to understand some things about touring in Australia when they book their tours.
1. We are in the southern hemisphere - which means May sucks for outdoor venues
2. Do not tour during the Australian Rules Football Season - because all the good stadiums are off limits and you are forced to the crap ones.
3. Perth audiences are very reserved - many a time I have been to a concert or stage show and been one of the few people giving a standing ovation at the end. This doesnt mean we dont like you or that we didnt appreciate your talent.
4. Members Equity Stadium (Perth Glory's home ground) is not a good venue for soccer and is an absolutely crap venue for concerts.

We, Perth People, really do appreciate the time, effort and logistics that goes into actually bringing your show to the west. We know it is a huge pain in the butt, we know the promoters would prefer you just to stay on the east coast... but.... if you bring it we will come! Last night was fantastic, despite the rain and the idiots who cant read the signs saying "this is a smoke free venue".

So thank you Sir Elton John for taking the time to come to Perth, your show was great, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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