Monday, May 19, 2008

FO's and shoes

No photos yet but I finished the gloves last night at SNB. I also started the gauge swatch for Solo and the colours are going to work really well with the pattern too from the looks of it.

I'll take some pic's tonight before I dye the gloves - no Im not going to wear white lace gloves, red and black ones however are just fine!

I woke up today and really didnt want to get up. I'd slept really well but I just wanted to stay in the warm bed, hubby had a different idea, he turned the light on and pulled the covers off. I know it's a work day but still, that was just plain mean :( So I wore my favorite boots to work to make me feel better. They are brown, go almost to my knees (on anyone else they would reach the knees perfectly) and are stilettos. My only pair of shoes that are stilettos, I cant normally walk in them but these are boots so they hold my ankle and stop me from ending up in hospital.

Hope your day is treating you ok, I want to go back to bed.

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Ruth said...

I want to go to bed too it's 7pm and i have to
Walk the Dog and me
have dinner ( left over take away)
Tackle the ironing to take away -
then i can go to bed!