Friday, March 28, 2008

Finished my bag

OK so it's not my bag anymore, technically it's no ones at the moment because it's on it's way to Sydney. It's finished though, lined with 2 pockets, stuffed with the things you can see and sent packing to Sydney. I hope she likes it.
I put some extra yarn in just in case repairs are required, a pair of K P stitch markers I made, a note book about A5 size and some very lovely roving from Bilby Yarns.

My other projects are coming along nicely. My knitted gift that I still cant talk about yet is very nearly done, it will then need sewing up but that shouldn't take long. No progress on the Branching Out Scarf, it's going on the back burner while I get some things finished that have deadlines.

I had started some lace gloves, my gauge was a little out but I decided to knit for a bit and see if they were in fact going to swim on my hands. They did so they got ripped back, I took myself off to Spotlight and got some smaller needles and have now started again. I'm doing them in 4ply Merino Bambino on 2.25mm dpns. This time they look like they will fit thankfully.
I have started cutting out a pattern for a dress I'm making. I will be doing a calico mock up because I cant afford any mistakes with the amount of fabric that I have for it. I have until 11 April (this year) to have it finished.


mel said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...The bag has a very happy new home!

Bibnbub said...

She likes it!!! She really likes it!