Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sewing and other stuff

I've finally finished this stole that I've been working on for a friend. It's a part of his costume for our role playing game.

It was pretty tricky at first to figure out what/where and how on earth I was going to get the vampire symbol embroidered without going blind or insane... but with the help of Spiderknit and her Photoshopping skills it was managed. I remembered that my friend who does quilting has some fabric that you print directly onto, so Spiderknit fixed the image and added the Roman style diagonal bar to the picture and my eyes and sanity were saved.

You probably cant tell from the photo but the darker black parts around the edge have been hand embroidered over and then there is also some silver highlighting as well done by hand.

Even my hubby thinks it looks good.
I was suppose to have it ready for last nights game however the sewing machine decided that it didn't want to play properly and I only just finished it today. Thankfully the recipient had friends over from Melbourne and so luck was on my side and he didn't need it last night.
Now to make my costume, I have 4 weeks, what could possibly go wrong?!?!!

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