Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where I discover I’m an idiot…

So I have to have my costume ready for next Friday night where my character enters the LARP game I'm involved in. Not a big deal I wouldn’t have thought, actually I didn’t think it a big deal which is why I’m an idiot. I bought the pattern a couple of months ago for my dress. I've had the fabric for at least 2 months, possibly longer. So why didn’t I start it until Friday?!?!? Because I’m an idiot.

Not only do I have to make the dress, which thankfully I only have the sleeve’s and hem left to finish. I can no longer tell the difference between the black fabric and the black thread so I’ve stopped for the night. I also have to finish the 2nd glove in this pattern, the first of which took me from Friday week ago until this Friday night to finish (why did I leave them soooooo late to start, because I’m an idiot). Oh and I want to dye them charcoal because white gloves is waaaaay to prissy even for my character.

But wait there’s more… I also have to make (by way of knitting) some fake fur stuff to go down the length of the coat I made ages ago but it needs something to finish it. That something I decided would be some fake fur, but I’m not paying the $80 per meter that everyone wants to charge me for the look I was going for. Which leaves me with a couple of choices but I decided on the insane one of course, I’m knitting black fun fur into strips that are 4 stitches across on 5mm needles. So far in the car yesterday on our way to and from a BBQ I managed to knit enough to make it from the floor to my knee. I knit another 20 cm or so in the car today and will be no doubt doing the same thing on the bus this week to and from work.

Did I mention I also need to make the decorative bit for the hat? That shouldn’t take long and I may even be able to do it tonight given it’s not all black on black and is mostly pinning and gluing.
On the bright side the dress is looking great, the glove that is finished fit’s like a… well it fits nicely and I may actually have some time to sleep between now and my hair dressers appointment at Friday lunch time. If not I guess I’ll be sleeping while the colour gets touched up.

My bag swap pressie arrived on Monday night and I have been a bad swap partner and not posted pictures (that’s the next thing on my list) over on the Show and Tell thread. I love it, it’s purple, has cables, 2 straps (everyday and bling for going out), is the perfect size for my purse, keys, phone and some tissues. Even my hubby agrees that it is a good pick for me. There is also the remaining ball of Cleckheaton Merino Supreme from the bag, a ball of Mi Inca 100% Baby Alpaca (YUMMY!) and the bag of silvery/grey is also Merino Supreme! How spoilt am I?!?!?
I feel really bad for my swap partner, she is going to have another little envelope in the mail this week, I had bought some fabric's for her but couldn't find them before I posted the package off. Guess what I found this morning while I was making room on the sewing table...

I have also cast off the last part of the pressie that I cant talk about yet, I now have seaming to do but that can wait a week or 2, it’s not needed until June.

Ok if you made it this far through my rant, thanks for listening/reading.

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