Saturday, April 26, 2008

So many finished things

It's been a good weekend for FO's! I had planned for a few more things to be finished and off the needles but we'll get to that... I spent ANZAC Day over at SpiderKnit's along with Spirelle (from Ravelry but also from the Mount Lawley Stitch'nBitch). We ate yummy Cinnamon scrolls and watched season 2 of The House of Eliott, and knit.

So FO's:

I finally put the little Bilby together which will be flying over to USA as part of the thank you package to the wonderful lady who sent us our Knit Picks order. I think it will have to be a she because most of the other toys are he's. I have no idea what to call her though.

I have also finished 3 scarves for friends of mine (blue one was already done, pink one was 1/3 into) who I do craft's with fairly regularly. I made one of these for my Aunt for her birthday and the girls all loved them so much I have decided they can all have one. It also seems that for once I have made something that is in fashion. Chunky knitted scarves seem to be in all the shops at the moment.
It's my version of Purse Stitch which is suppose to be P1,* yo, P2tog, P1* repeat ending on a P1, for all rows. I hate purling on the bus because I have to look at it so I do it with the knit stitch, for a scarf it really doesn't matter because it's the same either side. It's a really easy knit and on 8mm needles it knits up in no time at all, I use 3 balls of some yarn I got from Crossways in their bins in the mall rather than inside.

I have also finished 1 voodoo wrist warmer for charity in the large size, they are a little shorter than the pattern calls for but that's because I have used half of the yarn on this one so the other one should be the same. I'm using the left overs from Bilby's back.

And... the reason I didn't get as many things finished this weekend as I had planned:

This is suppose to be 6 strips (x 6 squares in each strip). Can you see the problem with this picture? Apart from the fact that they haven't been blocked, which can be done once I calm down, there are only 5 strips here. I have looked everywhere for the last one, which I know I made because I ticked them off my list when I cast each one off. It looks like I have left it in one of the hotels in Sydney that I stayed in. Given it's been nearly 3 months I'm not even bothering to see if they still have it. I have a ball of each colour left so I'm knitting it again. On the bright side, the baby this is for wont be here until June, so I guess I should be happy that I didn't leave it until the last minute to sew up right?!?!?

Still 4 FO's in 1 weekend is very good in my book.

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Bilby's are cool...that is all...