Friday, September 5, 2008

Its been a while

I have been busy so there hasn't been much time for blogging. I have been knitting, just not the projects I should/want to have been working on. I have made 3 (nearly 4) pair of fingerless and stubby fingered gloves for a friends work mates who have been freezing with the gas restrictions. They paid for them and the money went to charity so the karma is there at least. As a result of being a good citizen I failed at the Ravelympics because I only got about half (ok just under) of the back of Sienna done. See:

I did find some nice buttons for it though which has motivated me to start working on it again. My Solo is still where it was last time I showed you and will be until I finish Sienna because I will get more use out of that over the coming months I think.

Ive made a cute little cotton hat for a friends little girl who lives in Singapore (hence the cotton) because she tells me the only one she has is the one I made her when she was born and its now too small. I figured doing a 2x2 rib would let it fit her cute little head a little longer and I'll make her a nice warm one for her birthday and when she treks back to Perth in winter. (Yes Perth winter can get cold in the evenings and especially if your from Singapore)

On the non knitting side of things Ive been card making. I think I have enough cards for most of the upcoming birthdays and fathers days but have to make a couple of boy ones. The girl ones are just so much easier to make.

I started my Christmas tags, from the stuff I bought last year in the sales. They have some glitter glue on them now which makes them a little less plain and a little more christmasy.

I covered some little note books (they are about half A5 size) which I think are very cute. And yes one of the cards is made with the same paper as the brown one - on purpose.

And... I have started queuing a bunch of baby stuff over on Ravelry since, well, Im going to be having one I want it dressed in nice hand made stuff when ever I can.

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