Sunday, May 3, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Well the past 6 weeks have been a blur. I became a mum on 18 March 2009 when Zack came into the world and turned it upside down for both me and hubby. Thankfully I finished and felted my bag before all this happened and it was packed and ready a week before he arrived.

I have managed to get some knitting and cross stitching done, but not a lot. I finished and gifted the wedding cross stitch for my cousin. She got married on Saturday. That is the other reason not much has been getting done, I was her Senior Bridesmaid and the people doing our dresses were idiots. Apparently I grew 5 cm overnight because they swore nobody took the hem up (oh and it was a rolled hem so it couldn't be let back down), this was less than 48hrs before the wedding. That was just one of the many issues we had with them. Thankfully the brides dress came from another shop and she had picked it up well before the day.

When I get the camera back I'll put some pic's up.

Oh and Spiderknit taught me to crochet so I'm working on some Christmas gifts.

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Alex said...

Oh my..he s soooo adorable!!! A head full of hair....Luke still is a boldy we call him uncle Fester hahaha...hope you doing well and enjoying all the new milestones. Let me know how things are going we should meet actually. Hugs Alex (glitterlife)